Urban Energy Shift

Domain: Systematic Energy Innovation

This study is developing the application of intermittent power generation technology to building wastewater systems through the design of a gravity turbine prototype concept for eventual field application. This research is in partnership with the Condominium Homeowners Association of British Columbia who are providing access to local communities, resources, and sites. The research is carried out through hands-on data collection and public consultation in an interdisciplinary program bridging the fields of mechanical engineering, public policy and architecture. The research team is developing the turbine design and investigating both its scalable effects and its commercial viability. Discipline-specific tasks are led by team members with relevant expertise, but the work engages the entire research team in a collaborative environment.

Before the Flood: Urban Geographies of Transformational Climate Adaptation

Domain: Geospatial Analysis

Project team

Zach Colbert
Monika Imeri

The economic impacts of climate change in the built environment will be felt unevenly, amplifying gentrification and housing insecurity. This geospatial analysis in Richmond, BC examines confounding relationships around proximity to water: property value and predicted sea level rise.

Reopening Retail: Architectural Strategies for Adapting Retail Environments to Physical Distancing Protocols

Domain: Design Research

Project team

Zach Colbert
Josh Wallace
Matt Nestico
Ju Huang
Travis Strochinski

The aesthetics of modernism were partly responses to the Spanish Flu pandemic and various tuberculosis outbreaks wherein the notion of hygienic architecture became universally desirable. In light of another major public health crisis, how will architecture and urban design respond? This research is developing adaptive architectural design standards and recommendations to accommodate physical distancing measures in Canadian retail environments, to protect public health while bolstering customer confidence.

OAA shift 2019: Infrastructure challenge

Domain: Speculative Energy Futures

Project team

Zach Colbert
Shelby Hagerman
Connor Tamboro
Jasmine Sykes
James Nguyen
Antonio Gioventu

Winning entry to the Ontario Association of Architects biennial SHIFT design awards competition.